當中我最喜歡的當屬這首The Sage The Fool The Sinner,霹靂啪啦地開場後,0:19-0:23的泛音更是泛到我的心坎裡!吉他SOLO前段旋律沒有特別突出到令人印象深刻,後段的旋律性就有做出來了,整首歌爽度一百!


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The Sage The Fool The Sinner (04:00)
Music & Lyrics: Weikat

A tramp found dead, in the street, just made the news
Forensics report read ‚drug abuse‘
Found a warehouse slip in his sleeve
Marine corps major down-at-heel

They got to the place, unlocked the shed
Soon left awestruck, stunned, amazed
Among stuff and things lay pledges and bonds
Up to a few Mil in the end

The sage the fool the sinner
And what goes for you, one can‘t ever say
The sage the fool the sinner
One can‘t foretell fate, no way, no way

Sassy lady puts on her fav heels
Mirror checked, all done - snow white appeal
Adjust the dress, ready to leave
Grab some cash, cabʼs outside, wipe off a tear

On her way out, she turns once more
To wave her man good - bye
While in his sleep, he recalls thirty years - due to end that night

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